Hallow Farms and Mills

Access recordings made for this project here.

Eric Richardson - Memories of Village farming life as a youth. Listen here
Sue Rogers - Eastbury Stables at the Manor. Listen here
Neville Hill - Park Farm, memories as a youth living in a tied cottage. Listen here
Robin Crumpton - Park Farm, memories of life  as a member of the Williams family. Listen here
Mike Williams - Hop growing at Park Farm. Listen here
Jim Taylor - Memories Around Hallow. Listen here
Jim Wheeler - Heath Farm - early days. Listen here
Dorothy Goldsmith - Heath Farm: later period. Listen here
David Pratt - Heath Farm: Cider Making. Listen here
John Gwilliam - Memories as a lifelong villager. Listen here
Bob Bayliss - Hop picking at Park Farm. Listen here
Mike Holmes - Memories of a boy living in Shoulton Lane. Listen here
Arthur Minett - Shoulton Farm. Listen here
Jean Gardiner - Headways Farm. Listen here
John Barker and Roger Jackson - Farming memories of cousins from Greenstreet Headways Farms. Listen here
Joe Reeves - Bakers and Mills. Listen here
Julie Royle - Walks in and Around Hallow. Listen here